My Favorite Gift Wrap: POCKET WRAPPING

3 February 2012

My Favorite Gift Wrap: POCKET WRAPPING

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My Favorite Gift Wrap: POCKET WRAPPING

This is a wrap that allows you to wrap and then, slip in a little love. I’m crazy about these packages and whether you’re 6 or 60, think that these always look beautiful and original. I’d love to see what you do with this tutorial, too.  Continue below for the full tutorial…



Once you learn how to make the packet wrap, it’s just to slip your little love note right into the flap with an xo




Supplies: Wrapping Paper

  • Ribbon
    Hand make a Large Glitter Heart Card (or Valentine Card)
Let’s get started:
  • First, size your paper to the box.
  • Next, add about 4 extra inches to the desired height (see middle top).(This is very important because this is where you’ll acquire the room you’ll need for the pocket.)
  • Lay the paper out flat and make a pocket fold in the middle of the paper. (see upper right — do you see how the paper is folded in the middle?)
  • Now, lay the paper flat, as you would to wrap a present, as you usually do.
  • Wrap your present.
  • Once the present is wrapped:
  • Slide your Valentine into this front pocket. Happy Valentine’s Day Wrapping!