Easiest Felt Flower Necklace! (#2)

11 October 2012

Lei-style Flower Lacing Necklaces

It’s a necklaces or a decoration. The technique is so, so easy! If your child can play with a lacing toy, they can make these, too. This is a beautiful project for all ages. (These are a great way to customise a Halloween or Costume!)

If you don’t can’t stop threading flowers, make a Felt Flower Lei  Garland
These are beautiful in a bedroom window or placed as decorations.
Hawaii is currently the topic of the day with the kids. After reading a book about a little girl living in Hawaii, (here: Aloha, Kanani,) our daughter’s been telling us everyday that “we should move to Hawaii.” I hope she keeps imagining and reading; and we got started by making her a lei of her own! I look forward to seeing what you do with this tutorial, too.
Follow us below and let’s get started.
SUPPLIES:Jersey Ribbon (or any full bodied ribbon will do)
Fabric Hole Punch (here)
Fabric Scissors
Felt Flowers
(PDF FLOWER template, here)– Cut appropriate length of jersey.
– Cut flowers and leaves (template here).
– Punch holes in the centers of the flowers and holes along the edge of the leaves.
– Tie one knot in the center of the ribbon.
– Begin by threading on the first flower to this point on the ribbon. This will be the centerflower.
– Continue: make a second tie approximately 3 inches from the first flower on either side.

– Slide on second flower and ontinue on the other side. Working outwards until the necklace is complete. Tie appropriate length to finish and it’s ready for wearing or decoration!

Note: Before starting, it have be helpful to plan your pattern, by laying it out. Not pattern: one knot, then flower; repeating this until reaching complete full length.