Candy Necklace Card Printable

15 November 2013

Sugar Sweet Cards for your sweeties

MAKE Printable Candy Necklace Cards

with 4 Variations + coloring book page!
These are my special little printable gift to you, reader. I would love for you to spread the fun and the sweet bliss of creativity.
If you use these tutorials, I would love to see what you do with them.
Print and use these Printable Candy Necklace Cards as Birthday Cards, special occasion of Valentine’s Day

TEMPLATE FOR Printable Candy Necklace Cards

  • – Write in our own greeting at the bottom or add a little personal paper charm, like we did.
  • – embellish with crowns, glasses or in whatever way works for you.
  • – Add the candy necklace
  • -Stick in envelope mail or use as part favorites in glassine.
  • Supplies:
  • Candy Necklaces
  • Card + Envelope
  • Scissors or Xacto knife
I would love to see what you do with these tutorials. Share them with me and others on  Instagram –  Facebook – Pinterest .   Willowday Wishes