Make an Origami Paper Heart Lamp

5 February 2015

1600_valentine-heart_bedroombaMake an Origami Paper Heart Lamp for your loves.
set them low, by the bed ….


or hang from the rafters.

But, make them. They’re just so cute!  This idea was cut from a combination of Paper Christmas Star love + a wish to leave a little love-token behind for our daughter as I flew off, recently, on travels (Maybe, not subtle, right? ) and it did hit the mark. 

To learn how to make one, too, jump below with us …


How to make a Conversation Heart Lamp  
Let’s make an Origami Paper Heart Lamp

Choose your color.
Choose your statement and
let’s get started.
  • 1. Print Template to desired size (Click | here | for template.)
  • 2. Cut Template | here | .
  • Use template on desired paper.  Cut.
    (If you’d like to make a lamp like this, I used 280 g paper and printed the template at 280%.)
  • 4. Add words.
    I freehanded our words onto the middle front.  If you would like a guide, write and print your word in desired type and size (It is easiest to have san serif, bold letters) and transfer this on to the front side of one of the heart. To transfer: cover the back of the paper with the lettering with a soft pencil (No. 2 will work) and then, place the word in the desired location. Press along the outline of the words for a guideline. Cut with xacto knife. 
  • 5. Fold.
  • 6. Affix all tabs with double sided tape or glue to the inside of the heart box (If using this as a hanging lamp, cut a hole for the lamp and cord on the top.)
    If inserting an LED light, leave a bottom flap open in which to insert the light.
  • 7. Hang or place.