Watermelon Fairies

29 June 2017

Does watermelon spell s-u-m-m-e-r  for you, too?

If it’s summer near you, then, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have watermelon in your home at some point this summer. Right? Flowers? Check!  This is why I can’t get these Watermelon Faries into your hands quick enough!

Make Watermelon Fairies!

Watermelon FairyQUADMake these yourself or since we’re all looking for happy, healthy, creative kids: send your kids out on a nature hunt for flowers then, help them to assemble their own Watermelon Fairies. Both rainy day and party perfect!

Happy Creating!

Let’s make Watermelon Fairies

(Ingredients per person)

1 Watermelon Wedge

1 Grape

1 Flower (Edible flowers include: Nasturtium, Violets, Pansies, Roses and Hibiscus)

1 Popsicle stick

2 Toothpick


  • Place watermelon slice on a popsicle stick or wooden skewer.
  • Press this through the full watermelon so that the top sticks through the the top of the watermelon.
  • Slide the green grape onto the top.
  • If you have an edible marker, use this to draw face on the grape.
  • Place tookpicks on sides as arms.
  • Top with Flower. Make sure you use edible flowers such as, Nasturtium, Violets, Pansies, Roses and Hibiscus. 

Watermelon Fairya_1

I can hardly believe it when I look at my calendar which tells me that my kids have only been out of school for one week. In 7 days, we’ve had countless casual dinner parties, Midsummer celebrations, two birthday bashes, 5 trips to the airport, international house guests, our daughter attended her first formal school dance, (I had fun planning and decorating for it, too!) , a first moped license, and I’m certain I’ve forgotten much more!  In contrast though to the hurry though,  summer means easy.  Summer mades happiness and time for simple, inspired, details.

I’d love to see what you do with this tutorial. Share them with me on Instagram â€“  Facebook â€“ Pinterest ! Tag me and use the #willowdayproject tag. 

Watermelon Fairya_5Wishes for wonderful days and if it’s summer near you: easy, breezy, summer day wishes! I love simple projects that can invite kids to be creative. I also love having kids for the chance to see magic in their everyday world and instilling it in their environment. Sometimes our schedules are too busy; the kids plates are so full with their own interests and activities, but, that’s no reason to give me in creative injection and openings for them to be creative or think outside of the box: it’s as important as sunshine.


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