DAY 10: The Christmas Countdown: Wiener Semla

10 December 2018

Welcome return guest with DAY 10’s contribution: Ulrika of KRIIS KITCHEN


Thank you Ulrika for this kitchen inspiration  and for returning to spread your ideas with us for several seasons!  Today, Wiener Semla!


Here’s a word from Ulrika,

It’s finally the 10th of December and my turn to host the Creative Christmas Calendar. My contribution is a pastry called ”Wienersemla” with a little Christmas twist. It’s made of puff pastry with a filling of clementine and cinnamon flavoured almond paste and chocolate chantilly cream. Make them in the size you want (I made them bite size just so I can have more than one) and have them with a good cup of coffee or tea.

I hope you’ll have a great and inspiring December!


These were treats Ulrika shared in last year’s collaboration:

This is Ulrika’s recipe from two years ago:

Ulrika has joined and shared wonderful Scandinavian – inspired goodies several times over the past few years.

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Before you go:

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