DAY 12: The Christmas Countdown: Blue Bird Ornament

12 December 2018
Welcome to DAY 12 | Make Blue Bird Ornaments.
Aren’t they “tweet?”
Find the Blue Bird Ornament pattern, below, along with a special invitation from today’s contributor, Trixi of Coloured Buttons and the Children’s Museum of the Arts, New York City. 

Today’s guest and contrubutor, Trixi of Coloured Buttons, lives in Australia and is the founder of a “Sew a Softie” initiative.   She founded the “Sew a Softie” project at Coloured Buttons to show adults and kids that sewing is easy, fun and doable. Encouraging parents and kids to make things together.

Before you leave, I have a special invitation from Trixi + Children’s Museum of the Arts:

Trixi has a global project that you can sign up to participate in with the Children’s Museum of the Arts, New York City as part of their CIVICKIDS campaign. 

This February, Sew a Softie partners with the Children’s Museum of the Arts, New York City as part of their CIVICKIDS campaign.

The campaign’s theme for February is kindness and caring. Sew a Softie will participate with a global sewing party and invites everyone any where in the world with kids, grandkids, a school class, a sewing group or club to join in. 

  • The children participating will sew a softie to give to someone in their community. The recipient may be a friend, a family member, an elderly neighbour, a local hospital, a nursing home, library, shelter or anyone whom they wish to reach out to.
  • You are invited to join Sew a Softie with CIVICKIDS, and the Children’s Museum of the Arts for our global sewing party – the more the merrier! You can schedule your party anytime in February.
  • Please tag photos with #sewasoftie #CMACIVICKIDS.
  • Photos will be featured in the Museum’s online exhibition and on the Sew a Softie Instagram page.
  • For more information and to sign up, click HERE