Paper Angels with Botanical Wings

3 December 2019

Paper Angels must rival the paper chain as the world’s easiest Holiday Craft  — ever.  Make just one Paper Angel and it’s a win; but, but, I dare you to stop there. 

I find Paper Angels to be addictive and so very pretty. They’re the most simple craft because just about any paper will do and these work for any age. I love them as a kids craft, for adults and are ideal for groups — again, because of their simplicity.  Paper angles make pretty tree decorations. Make a “choir of angels” and hang these as garland or attach to presents instead of ribbons.  See full post below.

I added botanical wings to mine but you can double up paper fans to make wings, instead (see above)

I think there’s something to cozy about sitting with my kids while making Christmas cookies, listening to holiday music (and with teens: competing over whose playlist will take priority) and then making a super simple holiday craft for the tree or attached to the gift that we’ll give this year.  These need almost no materials at all: paper + ribbon (and I added botanicals to mine)

Materials: Paper (light origami paper is best but, anything will work), cutting tool, ribbon or wire for binding. If you’d like to add a botanical wings like mine, I used sprigs of pine which I attached on the back with florist wire)

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I shared these Paper Angels there today as a part of a 24 days of creativity artist’s calendar that I’m participating in. I’m sharing, PAPER ANGELS, today, Day THREE, in the #creativeadvent2019.  If you’re are interested, take a look at that post and how to follow along in this calendar created by Golden Freckles on Instagram, here: 24 wonderful, wonderful projects from artists around the globe. 


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