DIY Koala Banks

21 January 2020

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Koala Love. Koala Care + kids. Here’s a simple and fun way to bring a koala into your house: DIY Koala Banks

I’ve been speaking with Australian friends who’ve shared insights from the devastating fires there and it breaks my heart.  My heart goes out to the people of Australia and animals dramatically + tragically affected by these fired and wanted to do something. Although it seems there has been progress, animals now are homeless and without food + water. It’s not too late to help.

For you with kids, make these just for fun — or —  why not have each of your kids, classrooms or playgroups make a Koala Banks and tie it into a giving and/or learning project.

I know as a mom, aunt,(babysitter) + teacher — arts and crafts with kids creates the perfect setting for conversation, connection and imagination. I’m sure I’m like you and din’t quite know how to contribute so I’ve been asking and know that Australian Red Cross is a good place to contribute and I’ve investigated and found a few others, too; here 

I’ve created these in the spirit of community and collaboration. You can find the full tutorial for these at Pysselbolaget. I was pleased to join Karin + Freya was a project and was inspired to create this DIY Koala Banks from recycled materials as a part of Karin’s decision to work with recycling and sustainability throughout 2020. Find FULL DIY KOALA BANK tutorial HERE | You’ll find many other fun projects for kids at Pysselbolaget, too!

Koala Hugs + Willowday Wishes



DIY Koala Banks for you to make with your own two hands, too!   | HERE 

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