3 FUN Dandelion Crafts to Make with KIDS

23 April 2020

With Dandelions in bloom, I only see “Dandy Lions” and want you to have this fun, too! Here are ideas for 3 FUN Dandelion Crafts to Make with KIDS.

Continue below to get the “Dandy Lions” template and also to get 3 FUN Dandelion Crafts to Make with  KIDS below (I’ve included a bonus for those you of who are homebound without access to nature, too) 

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3 FUN Dandelion Crafts to Make with you KIDS

Don’t you agree that Dandelions are simply a part of childhood fun? I have endless memories of these: fields, blowing the whitened heads in the wind; offering my mother a little bouquet and that game where you’d place them under your chin to see “if you liked butter or not.” (Tell me, was this a game you knew, too!?) … and … they made my imagination fun. Yes, they do look like the lions, don’t they?

I wanted to make this easier for adults to let kids imagations run and to make your own pride of Dandelion Lions with a FREE Printable Dandelion Lion Template | HERE.

No. 1 | Make Dandelion Lions! 

PRINT Paper Dandelion Lion TEMPLATE | HERE 

No 2 | Paint with Dandelions

Yes! It’s possible and a really fun way to experiment!

Full How to Paint with Dandelion Post | HERE 


For many who are locked in quarantine and can’t make a classic flower crown PRINT these FREE PRINTABLE DANDELION CROWNS and color! If you do have access to nature, these can work to be “painted with dandelion” but, you can also print or paint and enjoy in quarantine! If you make any these or wear them, please make me day:share them with me in instagram and please tag me @willowdaygram!

I’m here a mother, teacher, artist and dreamer and would love to see what you do with these tutorials, too. Share them with me in instagram and please tag me @willowdaygram!  Thank you for joining me. I hope that you take away a little inspiration, imagination and a small little bit of Sweden, too! If you use this tutorial, I would love to see what you do with it.


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