Willowday Greeting Cards at NK

25 November 2020

With Thanksgiving approaching — amidst this upside-down year — I’m thinking of you. I hope you are healthy. I hope you are happy and finding moments for creativity and connection.

I’m super happy and thankful to share that I’ve released a line of Willowday Greeting Cards at NK| Nordiska Kompaniet  | HERE 

If you stop by, call or text Nordiska Kompaniet | Nordiskablommor | HERE| you’ll find a collection that I’m currently sharing exclusively with them and one that I will update regularly. 

I paint, I draw and through wild wandering “with my wee willows” I, too, grew captivated in our everyday adventures and explorations of the Swedish countryside; picking flora + fauna  that  I began to experiment with to create unique illustrations exclusively composed with these natural materials discovered in the beautiful world around me and began working with these materials.  I create art, large and small and it feels just magical to me that you might hold a piece of work I’ve made with my own tow hands, in your own hands.

Every illustration is created by choosing + placing  individual petals, leaves + seeds into a composition  that then becomes a final piece of art  — without adhesives, pencils or paint — professionally  photographed + printed to become this card that you now hold in your hands —- and my willowday wishes. Find more in my willowday shop | HERE and to explore more of the process, come join me in Instagram 

I am grateful for the time we share, whether we are old or new friends or here.  I’m so happy to find a moment to come by to say hello. I’m planning ahead to 2021 and hope we can find a little more time together in the coming year.


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