6th ANNUAL Creative Collective Advent Calendar

30 November 2020

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Hello Friends,

Join me and 25 creatives from around the world for daily posts as we start the 6th ANNUAL Creative Collective Advent Calendar. This project will start here with me, DAY 1 and will then move daily to the next contributor who will share a new project for you with me as your host.

This is a project created in the spirit of generosity + collaboration to count down to Christmas together where you will find recipes, DIY’s and more to bring fresh inspiration for you.

I will start with DAY 1’s post tomorrow and then…

post daily in Instagram.  I will also summerize weekly for you,  here,  so that if you don’t follow instagram that you, too, can follow along. 

If you use any of our recipes or tutorials, please use our hashtag: #25merrydays2020 to join us in spreading the creativity and fun. We love to see what you do with these and welcome you here with us. If there were ever a year for community and sense of warm connectivity, we hope you will join us — and spread this to your friends and family as a way to make the world just a little smaller and warmer.

DAY 1 @willowdaygram

Day 2 @silverodlan1 

Day 3 @pysselbolaget 

Day 4 @what_eva_loves 

Day 5 @idalauga 

Day 6 @artcampla 

Day 7  @craft_and_creativity 

Day 8 @helenalyth.se 

Day 9  @petitsouriredesign 

Day 10 @golden_freckles 

Day 11 @goldnuss 

Day 12 @ulricakrii 

Day 13 @frokenturkos 

Day 14 @fetegazette 

Day 15 @booksandflowers_essingen 

Day 16 @miakinoko 

Day 17 @mariawiggeart 

Day 18 @dnilva 

Day 19 @hannawendelbo 

Day 20 @linabythebay 

Day 21 @anneliesblomsterochbakverk 

Day 22 @pysselliv 

Day 23 @created_by_malin 

Day 24 @our.lovely.mess 

Day 25 @karenhilmersson 


Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for DAY 1! (I can hardly believe it’s been 6 years! I hope you are as excited as we are to bring out the best of the season together.)



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