Day 1 | Window Winter Wonderland Decorations with Chalk Pen

1 December 2020

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Welcome to DAY 1 in the 6th Annual Creative Calendar. 

Our weather’s been the perfect backdrop to kick off the holiday season with snow falling this weekend and as I looked out my window, I picked up a chalk pen to freehand a winter scene.

This gave me an idea for you: two chalk templates for your littles to trace onto your window, too.  Just print out these two templates:  help your kids tape them to the outer window,  hand them a chalk pen and let them transform your windows into magical winter wonderland scenes!



(Eco Tip from READER: Use “Filmjölk” with paint brush as an alternative to Chalk Pens)

I’ve included one template for the city which is inspired by Stockholm’s Old Town and the second, the Swedish Archipelago | Day 1 | Template for Window Decoration with Chalk Pen


Use my template as a pattern that you can trace with a chalk pen directly onto your windows. I like the Posca pens but, any removable chalk pen will go.

Thank you for joining me for DAY 1 in the  6th Annual Creative Calendar . I wanted a project for your kids and one that could give you a little arm chair travel, too.

I”m host the FULL calendar and will be posting daily in instagram. 

I will also give weekly summaries here for those of you who aren’t on Instagram and look forward to meeting you daily. Did you get a chance to read yesterday’s post about this project | here . I’m hoping you’ve joined us in earlier years. As always, I hope to meet you every day and if you’re inspired by any of the daily posts, don’t be shy to tag me!

Willowday Wishes.


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