Pop-up Bunny Cards with template

25 March 2021

I want to get this template for you to make Pop-up Bunny Cards into your hands as soon as possible.

I’ve just realized that we’re exactly one week away from the Swedish Easter tradition* to “trick-or-treat” with handmade cards in exchange for Easter Candy.

This time of the year, I’ve loved to see the construction paper cards pile up, crayons dull and glue sticks flatten when my kids have made these. Cards can be so original using creativity and simple materials: paper, glue, crayons or markers from the grocery store. Use this template to add a pop to an ordinary card using materials you already have at home. Join me below to hop to it!

PS. *Yes, if you’re unfamiliar with Swedish Easter traditions, read about Easter in Sweden, here

Use these Pop-up Bunny Cards with a FREE template to make your own. 

Pop-up Bunny Card Template: here


Tutorial: Let’s get started:

  • Prepare a working space that has a cutting surface.
  • Print template and use as a pattern to cut out the bunny area with an xacto knife (you can prepare these ahead of time for your kids)
  • Now, with the bunny cut out, fold it over the card.
    Once it has been cut, slide a piece of paper under the bunny to protect the card and paint, color or glitter the bunny.
  • Let dry.
  • Flip over and repeat on the other side.
    Embellish as you’d like: This card added a rectangular piece of green and fringe it for grass but there are endless ways to embellish these cards.
  • Once the bunny has been decorated, gently score a straight line at the bottom of the bunny and fold up, then, back into place.
  • Hippity, hoppity, the cards are ready to use!




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