Guest Teacher | Learn 3 simple steps to paint Autumn Foliage and more

6 October 2021

Hello Willowday Friends, 

I’m a guest teacher, the month of  October, at Susan Yeate’s Art Studio ( here)!
It’s such an honor to join Susan and students. I’ll share how you can join these courses and more about Susan Yeate’s Art Studio below. 

Leaf Fairies with Template | Tiny  Leave Wreaths | Kids in the Kitchen




Before I jump into this art teacher f-u-n,  I want to share that I’ve been hard at work on some new for willowday AND have new floral artwork coming soon — just in time for the holidays.  (You’re the first to know and friends will have a little extra willow-love. Stay tuned!) While I’ve been away, I hope you’ve found playful creativity in my willowday archives.

  •  Willowday is a place for children’s imaginations to soar  + to be captivated with materials you already have at home — or might find in your own backyard. 
  •  Willowday projects have been made at my kitchen table with my three children or willowday friends and can be made in a short amount of time. 
  • Willowday tutorials have been kid-tested, kid-approved — made with our own two hands  —- for you to make with your own two hands, too!
  • I know that adults like to get creative, too and, of course, there are projects on occasion for you, too.
  • I love to see what you do with these tutorials. Please share them with us on Instagram @willowdaygram 


You can currently find a very limited number of my Floral Art Prints HERE ; but,stay tuned for so much new coming very, very soon!

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Guest Teaching

If we’ve only met here, you will know me as a creative ex-pat mother of three,  living between city and sea in Sweden,  who shares whimsical, art-based, moments with my children. We share them here for you to do the same (and also as an artist who works with flower petals.)

I’m also a fine artist, illustrator, designer;  have taught ESL and held art courses since I graduated from the university and studied art in a BFA program.

I sometimes pinch myself at my luck to get to “play and work with my imagination” professionally! Seeing you grow as an artist truly energizes me and I am thrilled for the opportunity to join Susan.

Above: Sneak peak into a segment at Susan Yeate’s Art Studio ( here)

  • My October lessons around inspired by the world around me: Autumn Foliage.
  • In this course, students deconstruct foliage, learn from tips for an easy method to paint Autumn leaves and have fun with watercolour and pencil.

And, come back soon! I do look forward to catching up with you!

Willowday Wishes,



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