24 February 2012


It’s winter picnic time in our house. Have you tried this before?

If the kids are dressed warm and they’re having fun outside, I say,”why not extend the fun with a picnic?” The reverse is true, too; if you want the kids to GET dressed warmly and for them to GO outside, a great Mom-strategy is to tell the kids that it’s picnic time! I’ll leave you today, wishing you a wonderful weekend!

A well-packed winter picnic includes:1) Warmly, dressed, children.
2) A nice, light, picnic blanket.
3) Foam-sitting cushions or water-proof “sit-upons.”
4) A thermos of (recipe: hot chocolate) or (recipe: French: Chocolat chaud)
5) Marshmallows for the hot chocolate (or afterwards, inside: indoor s’mores, recipe here)
6) Grilled cheese sandwiches or panini that are well wrapped in parchment paper or aluminum foil.
7) Fruit and/or vegetable: Clementines are easy. Carrots, pack well.
8) Utensils: hot chocolate mugs, spoons, napkins and paper or picnic plates.
9) Light-weight, picnic basket.RECIPE: KID’S HOUSE PANINI:
Grill turkey and cheese on bread that has been brushed with olive oil and at the last minute, fill this a generous handful of finely, shred baby spinach, pesto, and close it up tight again.
(The key is to slice the spinach very, very fine. When I do, the children don’t bat an eye.)
variation:We love to vary the cheese (parmesan, brie, goat) and brush the inner bread with olive oil as well, add a splash of balsamic to one of the inner sides, then top with turkey, cheese, tomatoes, black pepper and pesto.
I love to squeeze in as many vegetables, as possible, and make them feel natural. I don’t want to exactly sneak these in; but, I do like to expose the children to all textures, flavors and sometimes experiment in a gentle way. I find that when I finely shred lettuce, the kids just enjoy it more.