Swedish Breakfast

9 August 2012

Hard Bread Sandwiches: The Breakfast of Swedish Champions


Left: Classic Swedish hard bread sandwiches. Typically ham, cheese, cucumber, tomato or red pepper. Far Right: Hard bread packaging in the grocery store.

Last night, somewhere between the Swedish Olympic Handball team moving on to semi-finals and the US beach volleyball team taking gold, I ran across a great article about Swedish Performance breakfasts, here. When Grayson arrived at the breakfast table, today, in his Swedish team clothing and began to make his breakfast sandwich, I knew it was time to post about a typical Swedish breakfasts.

Yes, hard bread sandwiches are classic Swedish breakfasts. These are usually ham, cheese and vegetables. No worries, if you haven’t had time to prepare yours at home, every Swedish cafe or bakery will have similar breakfast sandwiches ready to go.

Other common breakfast sandwich toppings include:
1. Kalle’s Caviar (This is caviar in a tube. Although the packaging is vintage sweet, the aroma is an eye-opener for the non-initiated. I had a shock as our oldest, as a toddler, developed a taste for this after visiting a Swedish household.)
2. Liver pate in a spreadable form
3. Fil milk (or milk or yogurt) and with lingon berries and muesli
(Fil milk is a thick fermented milk, similar to yogurt but with different cultures. Lingon berries are eaten in a jam form and have a similar flavor to cranberries.)
4. Porridge or Oatmeal

Do you eat sandwiches for breakfast? What are common breakfast’s near you? What do you have for breakfast or if you’re an athlete, how do you prepare yourself for the day? I’m just fascinated by this and would love to hear from you! … have you ever tried Kalle’s caviar?

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