Ulriksdal Castle Garden (Ulriksdal Trägård)

5 September 2012
Ulriksdal Castle Garden is one of my favorite, off-the-beaten-path, places to visit.
If there were ever a magical garden, Ulriksdal Castle Garden is this. It’s Pumpkin and Squash Tunnel, pick-your-own style gardens and even, it’s baskets; make it a vegetable and flower journey that even the youngest will enjoy.
1600 Ulriksdal tunnel
Ulriksdal Castle Garden is just on the edge of the city but, a hamlet worth a stroll or a visit. 

Ulrikdsdal is a manor and grounds that unfolds new faces every time we meet. First, there’s the castle, the manors, the L’Orangerie, the grounds and then…. a garden for everyone. Imagine, just on the out skirts of town: a castle whose grounds are open to the general public, complete with a pick-your-own vegetable, flower garden and cafe?

While our oldest is in soccer camp today,  the rest of us drove to Ulriksdal Gardens. I didn’t worry about their lukewarm response to the announced destination. I knew we were going somewhere out of the ordinary and that it their entertainment would work itself out. From the moment we entered those gardens, they picked up our individual baskets and scissors,  we were all equally mesmerised. You’d have to be made of stone, not to be.
We returned with a bounty of kale, green and purple beans, potatoes and a whole lot more. I learned that we were too early for the fennel root and had just missed the Swiss chard, but apparently, one can go online to see what is currently available, clickhere. Maybe you remember me mentioning Ulrikdsdal castle in June, when we attended our friend Emilia’s performance at the royal theatre, Konfidencen? The setting and concert was divine and if you get the chance, go see a performance in this venue. (here)

Besides Ulriksdal’s pick-your-own gardens and Konfidencen, Ulriksdal has strings of garden plants, greenhouses, artisan garden pottery and even an indoor cafe for lunches and coffee. To get to the cafe, one has to enter through several greenhouses. The scents and colors feel like they wake winter senses like the Prince’s kiss did for Snow White. (Seriously, if you have ever experienced winter at 59 degree N, you would understand exactly what I am talking about!)

Grayson picked so many potatoes we were able to gift them to friends! We also left with kale, green and purple beans and a beautiful bouquet of 12 flowers.

This trip was initiated by our friends Julie, Max, Cornelia and Valentine who live nearby and are here so regularly that almost all of their produce is from this field. We think think their life is veg-a-topian and Julie sounds like her every day cooking includes this magic.

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