Skip Rocks

21 September 2012


I think skipping stones is the perfect way to end the week and to greet the Fall. This can last for an hour — making a winning case for: simple is best.

I’m not ready to be charmed by Autumn’s warm colors, but plan to stay right here, all weekend, and enjoy the greens and blues! What about you? Do you think these days, between Summer and Fall, hold something magical, too?

Wishing you magic of the day and plenty of time… to find the perfect stone this weekend!

Week Review:

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Willowday wishes!


Note: I underestimated our first weeks with puppy along with school start! I’m a little pained that I am off schedule with you and wanted to say that I am so happy every time I hear from you and see that you’ve been by! I’m doing what I can to get back on posting schedule and promise good stuff is on the way!