Sock wear for Stuffed Animals

13 November 2012

Liony sets sail.


Baby Blacky has a picnic in his new bloomers.


Petunia is party pretty. It’s friend, Mooey’s birthday today.


Happy Birthday, Mooey. Nice scarf.


Top Right: Cut holes for the arms, legs and slit bottom for the stuffed animal to slip through
Right Middle: Cut top off sock, fold over top edge and glue on pom poms. Cut two holes for arms.
Right Bottom: shorten to appropriate length, cut holes for legs.

When the kids ask for mismatched socks to make clothes for their stuffed animals, they become lost in imagination for hours. After fashioning sock clothes, their creativity is ignited and imagination soars. To get started, all you need is a 1) stuffed animal, 2) a sock and a 3) scissors. If your kids are big enough to work with a scissors on their own, this is a fantastic independent project.

Embellishments: glue on pom poms, buttons, fabric shapes (cutting shapes from felt is perfect because it doesn’t fray), jewels, ribbons — just use your imagination. Old becomes new!
To make an outfit, simply find the right sock, cut holes for the arms, legs and an entry point for the stuffed animals and embellish. Make a matching cap, belt or cape. Use just like this or have fun embellishing with by gluing on accent pieces of fabric, sewing or even painting. It’s always something new one can do.

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