Thanksgiving Handprint Mayflower Cards

13 November 2012

Do you remember making paper cornucopias and other paper, art, pieces for Thanksgiving?

The word cornucopia is one of those Thanksgiving words that goes on the list, along with cranberries, colony and corn.  Since I’m on my own, as an ex-pat mom, to pass on this vocabulary and  history to our children, I’m try to add small, new, twists, every year.  After many years of making the Traditional Turkey Handprints, I ran across an idea to make Mayflowers and liked the idea a lot.  Since I also go to the kids pre-schools and schools to talk about this holiday, making art with these classes is an element I always love to add.

Continue below to make Handprint Mayflower Cards with me, today.

Make: Thanksgiving Hand Print Mayflower Cards: 



Blue Card Stock and Matching Envelope
Paint: Blue, brown and white
White pen
White paper
Plates for the paint or another paint surface.

– Place hand in the middle of the card’s face.
– Lightly mark the top and bottom of your child’s hand with the pencil. You will want to erase this later.
– Paint the background: Begin my painting the blue ocean, on the bottom of the card.
– Paint white clouds in the sky. Let dry.
– Spread brown paint, evenly, on a plate for the handprint.
– Press hand into paint and make hand print in the center of the card. Let dry.Cut three paper rectangles for sails and glue this on the finger as masts.

Write a greeting or date in white pen along a “mast.” Let dry and mail to someone you are thankful for!

Happy Preparations!