Gift Wrap Series Returns (#24)

1 February 2013

#24: Layered Snow Flake Wrappings! Have I mentioned that January felt like we were living in a snow globe? There’s no doubt I’ve been inspired by my surroundings. We’ve been sending flurries of packages out the door with these oh-soft-as-snow bows.

To learn how to make these simple and easy pretties, just continue below.



Wrapped Present (wrapped in a solid paper)
Tissue paper
Washi tape or desired tape
Begin by wrapping your present in a solid wrapping paper. I like to use craft paper. For the above examples, I’ve used both plain craft paper and a silver silk screened craft paper. I love the texture of this paper and the contrast of it with soft or feminine embellishments, as with these layered snow flakes.

To make the layered snow flakes:
1. Cut 4 tissue paper squares
2. Carefully fold all 4 tissue paper together to create a shape from which you will cut 1 snow flake. (How to cut a 5-point snow flake: click here)
3. Carefully unfold the snow flake until it is folded in 1/2 (see #3, above, as reference.) Keeping the 4 layers of the snowflake carefully aligned snip 2 slits along the center of the snow flake — one snip to the left and one snip to the right. They will be the slots with which the tape will be inserted and should be slightly larger than the width of the tape (see #4 above.)
4. Cut washi tape and gently, gently, pull the tape through the two slits by beginning at the bottom; threading it above the center of the snow flake; and exiting on the other side, through to the bottom.
5. Refer to #5: This is a bottom view. The tape should be woven through the slits so that it can be used to secure the snow flake to your package.
6. Place the snow flake on your package; carefully pressing the tape to adhere it well. Gently peel the tissue layers apart and lightly fluff the snow flake. If desired, thread a ribbon through the same slits.


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