Gift Wrap Series #25: Hand lettered Bouquets

8 February 2013

This is my absolute favorite way to give a bouquet: flowers surrounded by words!  Last year, I wrote about the tradition of giving flowers in Sweden and shared this as my personal favorite wrapping style; but, it didn’t officially make the gift wrap count. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I thought it was about time: #25 Hand lettered Bouquets!


dsc_6290b dsc_6295


Wrapping Craft Paper
Paint, Markers, Ink (chalk example, click here ) and Sharpie example (click here)
Paint brush, water and water container, if necessary
Tissue paper

Prep: The idea starts with you. What do you want to say: a poem, a note, the alphabet, a name, etc? The poem and your receiver will give you your direction with what to use. For this example, we painted the classic “Roses are Red” Poem; filling in the paper with repeats and extra words to keep the wrap interesting. With help from the kids, we’ve painted different rolls so that we’ll have it on hand for lots of flower giving in the days ahead. It’s nice to have a kid roll handy, as well as an adult version (future post).

How-to: Using craft paper,  I let the kids hand letter the paper using a simple paint brush and the children’s tempura paint. I like tempura because it dries quickly, has an intense color and has a powdery quality that I really like.
Let dry. Cut to size. Cut coordinating tissue paper. Wrap your bouquet.
Now… knock on that door.
Happy Gift Giving!
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