Fruit Roll Up Cut- Outs

14 March 2013

First, learning how to make fruit-roll ups, this winter, then, going on to discover that these flavorful treats were also incredibly simple to make, has truly rocked my universe. We now always have a stash on hand. Have you tried to make them, too? (recipe here)



We’ve made Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Galia Melon, Mango and Kiwi. My personal favorites are raspberry, blueberry and mango. I find that Kiwi has far too many seeds but, don’t know what else I could use for a green roll-up. Have you tried any other green fruits?

Experimenting with different fruits and berries, led to an idea of experimenting with shapes. Why not cut these out in letters or make rainbows. Bunnies? Roosters? Names? You name it; fruit roll ups make great shapes, too. Not only are they yummy, they’re pretty enough for a party (and healthy, too!)  It would be optimal to make these with seasonal fruits, but I was too curious to wait until the Summer and tried these both with regular grocery store produce: both fresh and frozen; ecological, when possible; They all worked so well!

If you’d like to make these, too. Just click here for my recipe. To learn how we striped the fruit roll-ups, continue below:



Cut your fruit roll-ups into strips. On a piece of baking paper, lay these down, overlapping the them by about 1/4 ” inch (or 3 mm). Now, just gently press along this overlapping to create a seam and that’s it! Continue adding as many colors as desired until you have a sheet to work with.  We used both metal cookie cutters and knives to cut out shapes. The amount of force you will need in pressing with depend on the fruit that you choose. The Mango and Blueberry were the easiest for me to cut out. When we cut our alphabet letters of rainbow colored roll-ups, at times I need to help the children exert a little extra force; once cutting along an area that was hard to press.

I have the kid’s Pots of Gold Rainbow Run ready and am going to finish up the roll-up rainbows for St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow. What about you? Will you do anything to recognize the day? Whatever the week brings, I wish you H-A-P-P-Y days! Enjoy!

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