Bunny Oranges

29 March 2013


Hello! Happy Friday. This is a fitting closure on this bunny week: Sunshine fruit bunnies for your sunshines? Make these funny bunny oranges, in a few simple steps.  Hop on down below to see how.
We learned over breakfast that “Påskkärring” (Swedish Easter Witches) like Bunny Oranges, too.

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Whether sharing these for breakfast or serving, as a snack, don’t you think these Bunny Oranges are such an easy, fun and healthy treat? I know that they’re something we’ll repeat. Just because it’s Easter weekend doesn’t mean that we’re breakfasting on Easter Candy! We almost always start the day with an orange. What about you? Are you getting the weekend kick started with any special Easter Treats? No school until Tuesday!

Are you, too,  getting in the Easter mood? One, in our house, started today in traditional Swedish Easter scarf and shawl costume. Yesterday, was the day that children make their Easter Trick-or-treat circuit but, I know, in year’s past, we’ve met a late witch at our door before. I’ll be ready.

To make these, all you need is:
2 Oranges
1 Knife
1 Cutting Board

Begin by slicing off one end of one of the oranges.* Cut two ears out of this slice. Round the points of one end, if you would like rounded bunny ears. Look at your orange and see if it has a distinguishing marking that would work well as the nose. I thought the little spot where the stem was connected was perfect for this one. (My goodness, is there a name for this spot?) Then, cut two triangle incisions on the top of the orange and carve out two eyes. Using the long strokes, cut 2, tight and parallel markings for the whiskers, leaving one end in tact so that you can pull these out from the orange. (This really work just fine, as well, if you completely cut away the whisker area). Insert the 2 ears into the 2 holes at the top of the orange and you are ready: 1 Orange Bunny Treat!

(* Since I was making a number of these and also press juice, no oranges when to waste and I could use more than one. If you are going to make just one orange bunny. you could carefully try to slide a thin first slice (for the ears) and use it on the same orange if you are concerned about waste. If you do so, think ahead and use this sliced area as a base to help the bunny stand, as well)
We have a wonderful weekend ahead. The sun is shining. We have great menus planned, as well as visits with off to friends.  Today, I’m making Bunny Cupcakes but, this year, I’m frosting them with cream cheese frosting. Do you have your weekend menu planned? The only typical Swedish Easter item on our menu is a “Gravad” Lax but, I make it with ginger for an asian twist. What’s on your menu for Easter? I’d love to hear from you, too? Happy Friday!
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