Piñata Birthday Cake

25 April 2013

Hip Hip Hurrah! Candy + Action + Cake!



I’m back! Today, I’d like to share more from Francesca’s Surprise Piñata Birthday Party! Of course, I thought a Suprise Piñata Birthday needed a Piñata Birthday Cake. Don’t you agree? I was only happy to deliver! I worked through a variety of ideas and am so excited to share this cake! I think I was as excited as the guests, as I waited for the party to proceed to the cake with the build up, the show, the festivity and then, serving it! It was great and today, I’ll share how you can make one, too! Just continue below.

Piñata Cake Ingredients:

Layer Cake (I made this white sheet cake recipe from Sweetapolita: click here)

Candy for filling

Stick for breaking the piñata

Cake Sprinkles

White Chocolate (I used 200 g for large 9″ dome)

Latex Balloons

How to make  Piñata Cake:

Before getting started, decided how wide you would like the cake to be. If you bake a 9 ” cake, then the balloon will need to be 9’s wide at it’s widest point. For Francesca’s birthday, (click here) I made a 9″ cake & needed a 9 ” balloon.

In the this tutorial, I’ve made miniatures. I found that the perfect way to get a balloon to be the correct size was find a bowl who’s width was the same as the cake; for example: with Francesca’s cake I used a 9″ cake and found a bowl that was 9″s at the top. (For these miniature, I inflated the balloons to be the same size as my smallest breakfast bowls.)

  1. Inflate balloon or balloons, if making miniatures. If making miniature, keep all of the balloons the same size and again, as I mentioned above, fit them to bowls to keep them all uniform in size.
  1. Melt white chocolate and fill bowl to prepare for dipping. Dip 1/2 of the balloon into the melted white chocolate, completely covering 1/2 of the balloon. This may require dipping the balloon twice and it is OK if you dip the slightest bit past the middle mark of the balloon. If this edge is just a thin coating of chocolate, you will be able to sheer off the edge later, during assembly. Once the balloon has been dipped carefully place it into a clean bowl for drying. To do this, place the clean size, without the chocolate, into the bowl with the chocolate side facing up.
  1. Check to see that the chocolate has hardened.
  1. Once hardened, carefully puncture the balloon with a sharp knife.
  1. The balloon will loosen the fall into the middle. If necessary, gently peel the balloon, if sticking, away from the white chocolate. You must be careful not to break the chocolate or to create a hole.

6. Remove the balloon and you have the outer shell which will create the outside of the pinata. At this time, you make every, so, carefully, sheer off the edge for a uniform dome. I will note that it doesn’t need to be perfect because in a later step, the edge will be covered again with a last


  1. Cut out the cake to the exact size of the width of the white chocolate cup. To do so, if you are making a large cake and used a 9 ” bowl, it should fit. If you are making miniatures, then you will need to trace the top cup, upside down, onto the cake and cut out a like sized cake bottom. You may do this with the chocolate dome or if you’ve make uniform dome, by tracing one onto a piece of baking or waxed paper to create a guide. If you use a paper guide, you might need to trim the edges when reaching step 9.
  1. Fill the shell about 2/3s full with candy.
  1. Carefully fit the cake disk into the white chocolate dome.
  1. Melt more white chocolate and with a spatula or wide frosting knife, carefully seal the bottom edge of the cake which will seal the cake to the top white, chocolate, dome. While the edge is still melted, shake sprinkles onto it and let harden. Once the cake has hardened, turn over the cake and it is piñata time. Decorate a wooden wand to break the piñata! Place on cake plate. Once it’s cake time: 1, 2, 3 … hits until the candy interior surprise for the party! Slice and serve!


We’re on Spring break, if you’ve noticed I’ve been quiet here at willowday! I just can’t keep up. Our week has been great, complete with another birthday yesterday, when we celebrated our oldest son, Brody’s birthday. I hope you, too, are having a great week!




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What treat goes with a Surprise Birthday Party,  a Piñata and a Piñatas Birthday Cake? Surprise Cookies!  They’re the perfect festive cookie at any party or give an unexpected twist to a special afternoon. I’m so happy to share the fun with you; just continue below.