3 May 2013

Happy Friday!


Look! Can you believe Stockholm is literally on the other side of the tree?


OK.  That’s a teeny bit of an exaggeration: you can see the city from this park but, Nyckelviken is actually a 10 minute drive from the city. Back when we were still living in the city, it was one of my favorite quick-countryside fixes.  This morning, Henry, our puppy, stopped in for our morning walk after dropping the kids off at school.


Nyckelviken is a park for walks, talks, picnics, weddings, weekend coffees, parties in the Manor House or in the guest barn-like hut, coffee break hut, photos, Christmas Smorgasbords, Midsummer Dances, pony rides (both self-guided and just a Sunday-tests), and more (note: ponies are not stuffed animals and are SO stubborn) — you can even buy fresh eggs at the little farm where you can see the chickens run, watch the pigs roll, count bunnies and today, see baby lambs before continuing strolling past the red barns down to a little beach and watch the Stockholm-archipelago traffic.


Spring at Nyckelviken: lambs, piglets, ponies, chicken, cattle and bunnies


Henry. He enjoyed Nyckelviken as much as I did. I’m positive. He had his first hair cut 3 weeks ago and has a new very, lamb-like look. (Aren’t these two (above) so very harmoniously ying and yang?)

I’d like to wish you a Happy Friday! Can your weekend be carefree? Can you throw caution to the wind and run in the breeze or are you feeling the beat of a brisk and busy Spring? I hope you do have just a little time to feel the wind in your hair.  I’m going to despite feeling brisk and busy. I have a huge amount of projects photographed just for you that I’m SO excited to share … but, tonight, I’m just one person. I need to call it a day.  I thank you all for coming, writing, sharing, spreading and caring. I’ll meet you back here next week! Honestly, you all just amaze me. But, tonight: my last big decision is: Friday Aperitif inside or out?(more Aperitifs soon)   Is there something else you’re looking for? Have you grilled out, yet?  What are you up to? Are you looking for Spring projects? Are you planning Spring parties? Spring Weddings? Spring Babies? Are you looking for whole foods or are you bakingsumptuous goodies — or both (like we are!) Are you looking for more Mother’s Day (here) +(here) projects? Are you planning your gardens? Are you traveling to Sweden? Something else?

Until we meet again, I hope you too are able to throw a little caution to the wind this weekend! Run and be free!

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