Our Favorite Guacamole

8 May 2013

It’s sunny and we have yet another two day National Holiday in Sweden starting tomorrow! It feels like it’s Friday Night already which means: it’s Friday Night Aperitif in our household. Rather than waiting to share our night’s treats with you on Friday, I’m going to share right now! Happy Night and sunny wishes to you all!

Through the years, I’ve learned 2 Tricks to making our house favorite:
1. Use a Pestal and Mortar for best texture.
2. Create a paste of the key flavor ingredients and then, toss the avocados with this paste later before mashing.
Did you know that Guacamole isn’t actually one particular dish, although in our house, it is? The word actually came from the time with the Aztecs met the Spanish and combined the Aztec words: ahuacatl” (avocado) and “molli” (mixture). From what I understand, “Guacamole” is a dish created any time you combine food with an avocado.

For this classic Guacamole recipe + family favorite, click on ” Read More” below to continue.

1-3. Place ingredients into your mortar and pestle bowl and combine until they become finely incorporated and are a paste. 4. Add the Avocado to the paste and combine. 5. Carefully add lime and salt. Would you believe that I’ve learned that the common mistake people do it to add too much lime and not enough salt. I know, if you’re like me, I always added as much lime as I could until I started to understand this. Apparently, a best guacamole has more salt than you’d usually use and less lime than you’d imagine — so carefully add these both to taste.

Choose the more flavorful pebbly-skinned Hass Avocado over the beautifully, smooth, green skinned variety which are too watery.

Our Favorite Guacamole Recipe:
2 – 4 T finely chopped white onion, depending on personal flavor preferences.
1T minced jalapeno chile, including seeds, or more to taste
Kosher or Course Salt, to taste (Approximately: 1/4- 1/2 t. Course salt works best to make the paste)
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
2- 3 Avocados
1/2 of a Lime (juice) or to taste

Make a paste of the onion, chile, salt and half of the cilantro. Seed and cut the avocados. Add avocado to the paste. Toss well and mash until you get your desired texture. Season with extra salt and lime to taste. We like it hot and actually often add extra pepper, too.