DIY: Flower Tea Bags

22 May 2013

Flower Tea Bags painted with tea!


Flower Topped Tea Bags make a perfect gift. We started experimenting with tea for Mother’s Day and loved the results. Can you believe this color is actually tea? Make them for yourselves or as gifts!


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To make these, I used a tea called Lov’s Red Berries Tea —- both to fill the bags and to use as “paint”.  After enjoying a cup of tea on Spring day, (which I confess, I’ve been enjoying all Spring, both warm or cold. It’s decaffeinated so I can have it day and night) I started experimenting with a tea bag and easily made these flowers. On their own, these tea bags are beautiful in a cup or wrapped in a tin. Don’t you just love personalized gifts? Have you ever experimented with tea before? I think this simple touch adds such an extra special something. I hope you do, too. Continue below for an easy tutorial.

1. Red Berry Tea brewed— I used approximately 1/4 cup strong brewed

2. Red Berry Tea loose — use it to fill the flower tea bags
Disposable Paper Tea Bags (like these)
Kitchen String
Leaf Shaped Gift Tags (I used green tea painted tea bags that I cut into leaf shapes)
Hole Punch
1 Gather Supplies.
2. Fold Disposible Paper Tea Bag in an accordian fold.
3 Round the open end of the tea bag.
4. Dip the tea bag into tea.
5. Dip only the end.
6. Unfold the tea bag and let dry. Continue with steps 2 – 6 until you have the desired amount of tea bags.
While the flower tea bags are drying, punch a hole in the corner of the leaf gift tags, draw a string through this hole to make a gift tag. Once the flower tea bags are dry, gather 1. flower tea bags 2. Tea 3. Leaf Gift Cards and 4. Tea Tin to complete this present. Continue below for the final steps.
7 – 10. Once the flower tea bags are dry, fill each individual tea bag with a single serving of tea. Set aside and continue to fill the desired number of tea bags.
11. Sign Leaf Card
12. Twist the top of the tea bag, at the base of the flower petals.
13. Sign and tie the Leaf Gift Card to the Flower Tea Bag.
14 – 15. Your Tea Bags are ready to be enjoyed. Fill a tin with these and wrap for Gift Giving!
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