Paper Fan Garland

23 October 2014

Make Paper Fan Garlands.

Since I like to share ideas that are very simple and that everyone can do, I thought this would be a perfect way to personalize with kids art and to share with you.  It’s a craft for a Paper Fan Garland is also something of a  time capsule. Remember the joy of fan making like this as a kid? By returning to this simple fan fold that we all made as children, you can bring out your inner child or for you to make with your kids.

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These are such a way to hold on to kid treasures, personalise a room or prepare for a party!  When the kids were toddlers, we had pile after pile of these expressive paintings.  I continue to display some of these original paintings alongside their recent pieces (Are they secretly proud or terribly embarrassed of their sentimental mom!)  If you don’t have enough art or don’t want to harm it, just photo copy.

Follow below for full tutorial:
Let’s get started:


Paper Squares, Double Sided Tape (this is mine, here), scissors

How to make Paper Fan Garland:
1. Prepare paper squares of same size. Cut your own or use origami paper.


2. Evenly fold paper in accordion folds.


3. Press the accordion flat and fold it in half.


4. Place piece of double-sided tape long the outer edge of the fan and press it onto the next fan that is upside down. Remember to hold this patter: one fan up, one fan down, repeat.


Continue building the garland in this fashion until you create desired length.




You don’t need origami paper or special materials to make these Paper Fan Garland. I met Linda, a printer and Paper Artist, for a workshop in your studio recently where we made this classics together.  Linda mentioned that she had first made these with Barbra Bunke of Ljunggren’s paper in Stockholm’s Old Town which a great shop I can tip you off to visit.

Once home, I wanted to personalise these childhood classic folds further with original art work.aper Garland can be made with anything from cast off kid doodles, splashy tempera art with your toddlers, patterns with big kids, old story book pages, newsprint, or extra pieces of art that you just don’t know what to do with. These were made with old art work and we just love them. To me, these are the loveliest time capsules. I can’t wait to see what you do.


As always, I love to see what you do with this tutorial! I hope it brings you the fun that it’s brought us, too!

Willowday wishes!

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