DIY Paper Treehouse

25 June 2013

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Do your kids have Tree House dreams? Here’s a Tree House shortcut! Let your kids make a

DIY Paper Treehouse.

Unlike real Tree Houses, these can be made with materials that you have in your home already and without the risks that come with hammer and nails. Invite kids to make these just for fun. Invite kids to make a treehouse for their toys. Introduce the idea of architecture to your young minds and maybe this model can take your kids to the real thing!

Join us. Let your kids make their very own DIY Paper Treehouse. 

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DIY Paper Treehouse SUPPLIES:

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DIY Paper Treehouse HOW-TO

1. Print Template onto heavy card stock.
If your printer won’t print on heavy stock, print out the temple on regular paper and trace it onto cardboard or color directly on this printout and paste it onto card stock/card board.

2. Color or decorate tree and house.
3. Cut slits along the upper point of the paper dowel. We cut approximately 1/3 of the way down the paper tube.

4. Make the tree by inserting the branches into the slits. Begin by inserting the large branch. Follow this large branch by inserting the smaller branches.

5. The last step is to color, fold and tape the paper Treehouse. Once this is complete, slide the paper Treehouse over the top of the paper tube.

Embellish as you’d like! Would you like a paper ladder, a climbing rope, curtains? The only limitation is imagination.

1600June25-TreehousehEven I have tree house dreams but, hammers, saws and nails are a real commitment and something I hope to make but, until then, I find myself getting right in there with with the kids. Have you noticed that once you’re interested in something, this pops up everywhere. I’m seeing tree houses absolutely everywhere and I love threading hunts for tree houses into our daily walks. I absolutely love thought provoking and conversation building projects, don’t you?