25 August 2013


Run with the wind.

Jump sky high.

We’re celebrating our last day of summer vacation today. Thanks you, Mr. Sun, our day includes water, tents and miles of smiles. When does school start for you? Do you have a back-to-school ritual? We’ve had a wonderfully varied summer and we all feel surprising natural about today. Today feels just so breezy and light and I’m finding that that just exactly how I want to be. Wishing you all the best of these last lingering days of Summer!

I’m taking a quick break from the fun because I wanted to share something new with you.  I’ve finally made a happy plunge
of sorts myself: willowday is now on Instagram (click here.) at willowdaygram. Are you? I’d love to find you there. It seems like it would be the perfect way to share a pictorial conversation with you! After all: a picture’s worth 1,000 words. Don’t you agree?

In fact, if you’re not already here, you can find willowday on Facebook (click here) andPinterest (click here), too! I love these ways to share, meeting and making the world smaller. The return of school, means I, too, will return to regular postings here at willowday.  I’m really excited to jump back in tomorrow! I hope to meet you then. Until then, breezy wishes!

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