Artipelag and William Wegman

24 September 2013


William Wegman’s Artipelag exhibit is here until this Sunday, September 29. If you have the chance and are looking for a kid friendly exhibit and beautiful countryside excursion, this is your ticket. Do I need to say more than: dogs, dogs doing funny things, dogs solving crimes, dogs in sweaters, dogs in movies;  great paths, open spaces, great cafe with real espresso, real hot chocolate and unexpected doors? Our expectations were met both in expected and unexpected ways.

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Left: A sculpture above the terrace that I hadn’t noticed before. Right: unexpected selfie.
Are your kids like ours? Did they have the Wegman Shape and Numbers Board Books  as toddlers or perhaps see Fay, the dog, on Sesame Street? Are you familiar with William Wegman and his Weimaraner dogs?
Wegman’s exhibit included many of his less known naive drawings along with a plentiful amount of his very recognizable photographs of his dogs and a film, too. While his sketches, graphics and art rounded out Wegman’s storytelling,  we unanimously agreed that that Wegman fellow sure can shoot weimaraners like no one else. Our French friends, who accompanied us,  were unfamiliar with Wegman and it was fun to be with them as they enjoyed the discovery of an American artist.  I always say a little “yeah” to myself when this kind of cultural exchange happens. (At least, I hope  I actually say yeah to myself…silently...) As an American abroad — and if you’re one, too,  you know exactly what I mean — I feel an extra element of happy when I see American culture shared in an unexpected way.
From our first visit, exactly one year ago (here), I continue to find unexpected sculptures, paths, tastes and hidden items behind hidden doors. Hint for kids: the seemingly blank wall to the left of the entrance, isn’t. There are surprises waiting to be discovered in that wall.
When we left the museum, I expected to hear of photography ideas for our dog, Henry, but, that wasn’t the case.  Instead, we left the exhibit, we talked about Hardy Boys Books.  It turns out that the Wegman film shared in the exhibit, was entitled the The Hardly Boys. It was a funny, spoofy, adventure film influenced by the American, Hardy Boys, book series. Our youngest thought this was funny and that these books could possibly be something for him. As per his request, we have a Hardy Boys book on the way from Amazon UK. That was a nice and unexpected surprise and something I love about days like these.  Have your kids read this books? How have they aged? I’d overlooked this series although we’ve read both the The Fabulous Five and the Box Car Children series. In fact, I’m not sure that I’ve actually read a Hardy Boys book.  I find books for boys age 7 – 12 to be tough and I’m excited to try these out.  Do you find the same with books for boys in this age? Any suggestions?
Click to play a Artipelag William Wegman Intro:

William Wegmen: Hello Nature. How to paint. draw, cook and find your way is on exhibit now at Artipelag in Sweden. Click on above image for short film.

Even if you won’t make the visit, I hope we could take you on a little glimpse of a ride. Happy Day!

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