Printable Paper Feathers: Part 2

27 November 2013


Hello again, friends! Paper Feathers Part 2:

After our glittery first set of paper feathers that we used in our nature Thankful Tree this year, we just couldn’t stop. There are endless colors, embellishments and combinations to be made and I wanted to encourage you to continue making and imaginary play, too.

For us, these were a part of explorations into handicrafts projects that could have been found both in the Pilgrim’s Europe and the Americans — stitchery, embroidery and beading were all handicrafts of the time found on both continents and artistry. Children learn through art and imagination. Have you ever thought about handicrafts that would have been done in the 17th Century?

I’d just love to see what you do. Happy Making!

I hope you all are having a great week.

I also want to say that I’m so impressed with how organized so many of you are and making your Advent Calenders already (here) + (here!) I look forward to kicking off the Christmas season here, this Friday, with new ideas for the coming season, too! Happy Wednesday. Happy Making. Happy Willowday!

PS: Remember to enter the “I Love Paper” by Fideli Sundqvist (here) book give away which will close this Friday. 
Making Feather Crowns
Supplies: Paper (100-200 gram), wire (florist, uncoated or pipe cleaners), double-sided tape, cutting tool (scissors or xacto knife), tape
How to:
Simply click here (and see below) for PDF of Printable Feather Template and to use as is or to make a headband!