Beaded Bracelets

28 November 2013


To Make a Basic Bead Bracelet:

  • 1. Cut length of elastic.
  • 2. Knot the end (or add a larger bead for security, if prefered) of the elastic and begin threading your elastic.
  • 3. Decide how thick you would like your bracelet to be. To make a bracelet that is 4 bead tall, you will string on 4 beads and then, add 2 new beads every other round. Once the 4 bead have been strung on, you will add one new bead at a time and thread back into and old bead that has already been strung so which is why, as you proceed, you will only add 2 new beads per row. Hint: keep in mind that you are always threading a new bead and then, threading back into an old bead. To finish, simply see that the pattern fits together and thread the beads together. Tie and finish.

    How Zig Zag Bracelet:

  • You will work from left to right, tight to left: A zig zag bracelet start with a row of 4 beads, but every other row only adds 2 beads to the bracelet.


Zig Zag instructions for a bracelet:

WIDTH: 4 beads
  • 1. First Row (left to right): white, white, blue, blue
  • 2. 2nd (right to left) white, blue
  • 3. 3rd (left to right): blue, white
  • 4. 4th(right to left) white, blue
  • 5. 5th(left to right):white, blue
  • 6. 6th(right to left) blue, white
  • 7. 7th (left to right): white, blue
  • Continue this pattern until you reach desired length . At your last turn match up the first and last patterns and then, attached with the same elastic. Tie well. Cut and Enjoy!
Tips: This is easiest when using a needle, if the children are old enough. Tighten beads as you go. This keeps the pattern intact and will make the weaving your most easy going.
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