Moss Word Hangings

2 December 2013




We’re overjoyed with Henry’s “let it be” attitude…


Happy December! I hope your month is off to a wonderful start! Joy is just one of the words of the season that I think can stand on it’s own.  Add joy to your own house or, why not give some away! Continue below for full tutorial…

Last year, I discussed moss ornaments with a florist who explained that wrapping Hyacinthia bulbs in moss is one of the very first projects florists learn in Sweden in their schooling.  I learned about the basics and this year, have been wrapping our Hycinthia bulbs, too and then, just kept going. There are so many great words this season — joy, cheer, merry and then, of course, the holiday names themselves —  I hope that you, too, will have the chance to make these. I’d love to see what you do with this, too!


Cardboard, cutting tool (scissors or xacto knife), florist wire, and/or transparent thread, ribbon for hanging, glue gun, moss.
– Draw word onto cardboard in cursive so that the letters connect.
– Cut out word. To make this example, I imagined that the letter was approximately 2 centimeters wide. and cut about 1 centimeter under the lettering and 1 centimeter over the lettering; keeping the work intact.
– Working from left to right, glue moss onto the word; fully covering the cardboard. It is OK if it is difficult to read the word at this point.
– Once the moss completely covers the word and is adhering, wrap the moss to the cardboard with florist wire or transparent thread.
– Attach ribbon.
– Hang and enjoy.
Happy Making!
Happy Monday Wishes!
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