Perfect Gift: Hand-painted Painted Candles

16 December 2013


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To make handmade presents or not? While nothing can be more personal than an item made with your children’s two hands or your own,  we all share memories of receiving something fragile that crumbled as we came in the door or, maybe like me, a lingering guilty childhood memory of a talented older relative who knitted beautiful blankets….but, in scratchy acrylics.



This year, we’ve made hand painted candles .  These candles couldn’t be easier, look modern, finished and — I cross my heart, we’ve used them at home, too — are so pretty to use. I should also add that these can be made in just minutes, dry and are ready for giving within the hour; but,  ….
we’ve painted monochromatic batches ahead of time and enjoy choosing just the right selection for receivers as December unfolds. Whether these are painted with splashes and splats of teeny hands or delicately painted in ombre or patterns, they’re just so pretty. Although, we’re using one color and glitter paint, go ahead and use any color you’d like. The very first time I saw this idea, two of my toddler nephews had painted a set for my parents in many colors of the rainbow . They were so beautiful that at first I thought they were a designer good.  I was just as pleased with our subtle results and would love to see what you do!
This year, I seem to pick up a box of tapered candles every time I enter a market because I’m so pleased with the results.  I had originally planned to have the kids paint up just one set for their primary teachers but, love them so much, we’ve kept going.

How to make Painted Candles

Supplies: Tapered Candles,  Tempera Paint (you can use acrylic paint, too) Paint Brushes
  • To paint tapered candles, prepare a work space for painting.
  • Prepare paint and begin painting the taper.
  • Let taper dry. We painted very thin layers which, I recommend, because they dry very quickly and won’t impede regular candle functions.
  • I think these candles are so beautiful that we’ve simply wrapped ours in cellophane and add a ribbon with a gift tag.
Happy Making