Handprint Rudolph Cards

21 December 2013

How many more hand print cards will we make this year?  Gray’s hand is still so cute for card making. Plus,  there’s such little need to say “careful, careful” any more.  Actually, now, his nimble fingers, creativity and our team work have me thinking that we’ll make cards right up until the big date —- or in our case, the day we jump on the plane — I just love what they add to our packages and are such keepers.  If you’d like to add these, too, just continue below…


Like the original movie, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, these seem to be a yearly tradition I look forward to every year. Whether you’re after a refresher course or are making them for the first time, just click below for how-to and Happy Making!



Light colored cards and envelopes, flat broad surface to hold paint with lip, brown paint (I used an Acrylic in the example above, but like tempera, too), red glitter paint, 2 goggly eyes, hole punch and ribbon, glue.


  1. Prepare paint and lay out cards for print making.
  2. Coat painting plate or broad bowl with paint. Fill area with paint that has been spread evenly.
  3. Help child press one broad hand, evenly, into the paint.
  4. Press hand into center of card with fingers spread so that they’ll become the reindeers antlers.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Once the handprint is dry, paint red nose and glue eyes into place.
  7. Let dry.
  8. Once dry, punch hole or holes on the top of the card, draw ribbon through the holes and tie neatly.
  9. Add a greeting. This year, we wrote a simple on top and at the bottom, but, I often like to write a longer message around the edge of the cards (example here + here)


I love this little Rudolph Family drawing that turned up in our house.


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