5 new Ways to Decorate Sugar Cookies

23 December 2013


Hi there! Happy Holidays. Our bags are packed to their limits, we’re ready to go and we wish you merry days ahead. Before we fly, I wanted to share our last 5 ways we decorate using this one sugar cookie recipe (here) and we hope that have fun baking, too!

If you’re looking for simple but, fun seasonal projects over the holidays, here are a few to get you started: stars/here, paper ornaments/here, snowflake lion/here, finger knit ornaments/here and printable reindeer packages/here. Happy Happy Holidays. Continue below for the last 5 cookie how-to:
Top Left: Polka Dot Cookies (Piped)
Supplies: cookies, butter cream frosting here, icing bags fit with small, round, piping.

1. Fill icing bag and pipe dots on your cookies. Boy, what polka dots do!
Top Right: Stamped Cookies:
Supplies: cookie dough, clean + unused stamping stamps.
1. Roll and cut out cookies. Place on baking sheet.
2. Stamp a message! Sprinkle with light sugar, if desired. Bake. Enjoy.
Bottom Left: Peppermint Sticks
Supplies: cookie dough (without cognac), thin icing, crushed peppermint stick candies, pizza cutter
Cutting cookies into long, thin, sticks adds an elegance to a table or makes a thoughtful little gift, when wrapped in ribbon and tied with a note. These are also the fastest cookie to make on the block!
1. Roll and cut out the cookies cutting long, thin strips. I think using a pizza cutter makes these very easy! Bake and once out of the oven , quickly drizzle with thin icing and sprinkle with crushed peppermint candy or sprinkle. They’re so pretty and yummy, too.
Bottom Right: Tea Cake Cookie
Supplies: cookie dough, chocolate chunks (I buy a nice Belgium chocolate but Hersey kisses work perfectly for these, too), muffin tins, muffin pan for these no-roll cookies,
Spoon teaspoon sized drop of batter and make a ball. Press a piece of chocolate into the center of the ball, leaving the chocolate exposed (sprinkle with sprinkles, too, if desired) and place into small muffin tins. Bake. Watch that these bake just to brown. Since they are a fuller cookie than a cut out, they need a slightly longer baking time. Remove from heat and cool, Serve these in pretty muffin tins or remove cookie from tin. Since the dough holds shapes, I love the pattern a muffin tin leave a Willowdays decoration on the outer edge of the cookie.


Applique Cookies (not pictured)
Layer small shapes on top of one another and attach with icing. Classic combinations that I love: A gingerbread boy, with an iced heart or a house with an iced heart. Use your imagination!
Here are 5 More Ways to Decorate Cookies with 1 Recipe: