Make Chalkboard Deer

23 March 2014


Can you take on a walk without picking up sticks? Rain or shine, it seems we can’t.  Maybe you’ve already found a perfect branch like ours, just waiting for some creativity, too?


We accumulate sticks for Henry, sticks for jousting, sticks for tossing, and we often return home with a stash and ideas (like this, here). Truth be told, I’m surely a silent contributor to this accumulation because, to me, walks and sticks often equal: shared outdoor time and creativity: bliss!

When I eyed one of the kids with this thick, forked stick, recently, I guessed that it would make perfect antlers and the idea for the Chalkboard Deer Head Memo Board, was born.  Both functional and fun it now greets us by our door, greeting us and guests!

I wish you the same kind of fun and discovery. Just follow below for the full instruction — Inspired wishes!

Supplies: Wooden Board (I’ve had an unused cutting board that was the perfect size for us), metal hanging bracket, hot glue gun, chalk board paint, paint brush, pencil, 1 forked stick for the antlers, a saw, 
Let’s get started:
– Start by outlining a deer silhouette on to your board, lightly, with a pencil.
– Fill this drawing in with chalkboard paint.
– Let dry.
– With a saw, sheer off the v in the stick to give it a flat surface. this flat area will be the surface that will be attached to the main board and needs to be large enough to hold well. The cut area of our stick was about 3/4″ in diameter. Cut off any extra length, as well, so that the branches are symmetrical.
–  Attach the metal hanging bracket to the top, back side of the board with a hot glue fun.
– Using the hot glue gun, dot glue onto the stick used for the antlers and attach to the top of the deer head. Let dry.
Once dry, the chalk board it ready for work and play! Happy Making.
I’d love to see how you use this tutorial and wish you a wonderful weekend!
Draw the outline of a deer head and then, paint this area with chalkboard paint. Bottom Left: Trim the v-shaped branch to the correct size.  Bottom Right: Dot branch with glue and attach to the top of the deer head. Let dry.

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