Marzipan Surprise Egg

11 April 2014


Happy Friday. Are you in the mood for Easter Creating?


Recently, the kids and I discussed Easter Sugar Eggs. To me, these were pure magic, as a kid. Do you know which ones I mean? Have you seen the eggs that are made of sugar with a scene inside? When we discussed these further, the kids came to the point that they were purely decorative, making them completely uninteresting. This had me thinking about almond marzipan which is very popular here.  A little experimentation and one thing led to another: edible Marzipan Surprise Eggs! Fill these with Easter Candy, notes, or even tiny toy, perhaps? We’d love to see what you do, too!


Come create with us! Click below to continue and for the step-by-step tutorial.


Whether you’re looking for something to make with your kids, a craft group activity or a creative outlet just for you, these are for everyone and all skill levels.  Young, small hands can create solid colored eggs or spontaneous patterns and adults, here’s your chance to make a Fabrege Egg or try marblings, like we share here.



Art is for everyday. I think that there’s a fine line between the kitchen and the art studio. Connecting with the kids through creativity — whether it’s in the kitchen or around an art table — is one of the most satisfying pleasures we share. Our kids are at an age where school work and activities can leave us feeling that there is not enough time in the day; however, I work hard to find creative outlets, as both a place for us to meet  and as an outlet for them to relax, let go, and just be.


These are perfect because we were able to made one, two or 5 eggs, at a time, when ever we had time and were in the mood. Marzipan can keep, if sealed and refrigerator and we made these over the course of one week. If you’re looking for a way to fill a morning or rainy afternoon, these are also a perfect to make in one sitting, too. I’d love to see what you do with this tutorial and see your results!


How to Make Marzipan Surprise Eggs:



– Marzipan

– Plastic Eggs

– Goodies for filling (we used jelly beans and wrote small notes)

– Ribbon



To make:

Color marzipan to desired shades. We wanted 4 colors and divide one tube of marzipan into 4 colors. To color, we cut the coloring paste into each section with a fork by placing the marzipan on a flat, work, surface. You will mash the color into the paste until you see even swirls throughout the piece, then, take the piece in your hand and knead it until the color is distributed evenly.


Cover the marzipan with plastic until you are ready to use it. Keep the marzipan covered or in a plastic bag between use so that it doesn’t try out.


Once you have prepare the colors, it is time to start creating.


Take a piece of marzipan, about equivelent in size to a golf ball. Divide this piece in half and press 1/2 of the paste into the one half of the plastic egg; repeat with the other half.  Smooth it as well as you can. The thickness of egg shells were approximately 1/8″ thick. With little, little, kids you might like it a little thicker.


Once the egg halves have been filled, even the edges with a knive and then, I like to smooth it again along your work surface. To release the marzipan from the egg shape, tap it gently for it to release or you might have to very, very carefully press a finger under the marzipan to ease it out. When I did this and the marzipan was still fresh, I could easily re-shape it once out of the form.


Turn egg halves upside down and let them dry.  We let them dry for 3 days.

Once egg halves are dry, it’s time to fill them with treats and notes, adjoin the halves and bind with a ribbon!


If you are giving these away, we liked to give them away, wrapped, individually in small, slim, cellophane bags tied with a coordinated ribbon. We first filled the cellophane with paper grass, added a variety of Easter candies to the grass and then, placed the large Marzipan Surprise Egg in like a little jewel.  We had so much fun making, savoring, and giving these away. We hope that you do, too!

Willowday Wishes from us all.



Marzipan Surprise Egg as place Settings


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