Rhubarb Soda with kids

25 May 2014

It’s universal:  Kids like treats. Parents want healthy, happy kids. Rhubarb Soda is the answer! 

(In fact, this could be renamed Berry Soda because you can make this with berries, too)

Follow us below for a recipe that makes parents happy and kids feel special. Rosy coloured Rhubarb Soda is a beautiful healthy alternative to grocery store sodas.

Rhubarb Soda is lower in sugar that soft drinks. Since Rhubarb Soda is made with fruit, there are no additives or artificial colors, either.  If you don’t grow rhubarb (or berries) at home that you know are chemical free; buy organic.

This is a great project for big kids to make on their own. It’s also a fun one to make side by side with littles. Creating the mix is magic.

Rhubarb Soda Concentrate:
1 kg/ 1.2 pounds Rhubarb
1.5 l / 6 1/2 cups of Water
2- 4.5 cups Sugar (this is to taste!)
Lemon, optional
  • Cut the rhubarb into small pieces and boil in water for about 15 minutes, do not touch because this will cause the juice to become cloudy.
  • Strain and discard the rhubarb leftovers.
  • Boil the broth again with sugar and lemon juice until dissolved,  let cool.
  • Pour the juice into a bottle and refrigerate.
  • Once chilled, it’s up to you to flavour to taste.
  • To serve, you will mix the concentrate with water to reach a desired concentrations.
  • I typically use about 1-3 concentrate/water ratio.
  • If you’d like to make a Rhubarb Soda, mix the same (keeping it slightly stronger) and add sparking water! The bubbles add so much.

Saft is the Swedish answer to soft drinks for kids. It’s a fruit concentrate that’s mixed with water to make kid drinks. Since it’s fruit based, it’s colourful in such a pretty way.  You can find both low sugar and high sugar varies. What’s great about saft is that you can dose the strength and make juices that are as sugary as you’d like. (Low sugar, colourful beverages without additives, coloring or extra sugar!)

I love the wholesome ritual of making fruit concentrates myself.  Since rhubarb is one of the first Spring fruits, it’s a great way to kick off the celebrations of outdoor gatherings but you can use all berries in this recipe.
In our house, I like to jazz it up with sparkling water and you have a Fruit Soda!  It’s so  pretty, it’s party perfect or that element that makes a weekday something extra special.

Parents, if you’d like another perfect picnic project for your kids make these very simple, non-sewing, CLOUD Placemats, pictured above (DIY – HERE- Big and small, Cloud Picnic Blanket and Placemats.)

– If you have your own garden, rhubarb is easy to pick and lends itself perfectly to young hands that are practising the art of kitchen slicing.
– If you would like to do this with the kids, there will be some heating on the stove that will need adult supervision but, otherwise, it’s a creation for the kids from beginning to the end: they can pick, slice, prepare, and make the concentrate.
– Later, let the kids be the chefs and scientists by mixing it with sparking water for the finishing touch!

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