Father’s Day Etched Grill Set

27 May 2014


Make Dad his very own Etched Grill Set.
Actually, have your kids make Dad  his very own Etched Grill Set.
I’m always thinking of ways to engage the boys in creative projects. I remember that my brother had an etching kit as a kid and realised that it could be a great way to captured the imagination of our active boys, too! I recently invested in a wood etching kit and boy have we reaped rewards. The boys etched Dad  an amazing Grill Set and were transfixed in the process.
Each of the kids created a part of the Father’s Day Etched Grill Kit.  Each kids created our piece using the etching on wood, and the overall eclectic mix worked perfectly together.
Dad was absolutely thrilled, too.
To make your own Etched Grill Set. you’ll need a wood etching or wood burning kit.


Are you ready to get started, too?
  • Wood etching kit
  • * soft pencil, eraser
  • wood cutting board
  • grill utensils 
* These are available at craft stores. In Sweden, we founds ours at, Clas Olsson, a hardware store in Sweden. If grill utensils are varnished, sand the varnish off with light sand paper before etching.
If you would like to use a template to make the larger Super Dad Art, click here for template)
To make:
  • – Using a pencil, lightly draw your pattern on the wood surface. (Dad “burst” template here.” To use the template, use a soft pencil to cover the back of the printed template, plate this side with pencil directly on to the wood surface and firmly trace the line of the drawing in other to transfer the pattern to the wood surface.)
  • Once the pattern has been drawn, trace the lines with the etching tool.
  •  Once complete, it’s ready for giving!
I hope this idea inspired your young creative to try this, too! Happy Making and Willowday Wishes!

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Father's Day Round Up Art copyThank you for joining me. I hope that you take away a little inspiration, imagination and a small little bit of Sweden, too! If you use this tutorial, I would love to see what you do with it. Share your willowday projects with me on Instagram and  Facebook.  Willowday Wishes Instagram –  Facebook – Pinterest