Make a Personalized Tossing Game

18 September 2014

Boys + balls.  Kids + play. This is an easy way to make this happen, every day!

This classic is also a family classic party game and if you follow me, below, I’ll share how we personalised this game and will share ways we’ve learned to vary it and to play it with different groups, indoors and outdoors, and with a span of ages, throughout the years.



Recycled Containers, duct tape, ball*, (optional: rocks to hold the containers down and numerical stickers)
To make: 
– Cut or remove tops from clean, recycled containers.
(For our party, we wanted a set that had large range of size and used a kitchen paper roll, a canned tomato jar, a milk container, a yogurt container and a pail.) 
– Decorate containers
– Play!


To Play:
 –  Indicate a place in which the players will stand on the ground, near the game. (Tape works well to mark this.)
– Place Containers in desired positions.

– Each player gets 3 balls, 3 tosses.

– Have the player stand in the designated position, indicated by the tape, and have the player start tossing. Once a player has tossed 3 times, the next player steps up to play.

– Add scores.

– Player with highest score, wins.


We numbered each containers and kept track of scores. Smaller opening equalled high score, larger opening, made lower scores. The containers with smaller openings were also placed further away, giving balls that landed in these containers high scores.  
* Balls and Tossing:
– We used a bouncy ball.

– Ping Pong and Whiffle Balls work well for an older group due to the fact that they bounce very easily and make the game more difficult.

– You may play by tossing the ball or by having it bounce once to bounce into the container.

– If playing the game indoors, pompoms work well.

– Nerf and sponge balls work great with larger containers and younger kids.

– The container must remain standing for the points to count.
Indoors | Outdoors

– If playing the game outdoors, it may be good to fill the containers with rocks to hold this securely or to keep them from blowing over, in case of wind.
– Outdoors, it can be fun to use very large containers and a larger ball. Swimming Pools, leaf Baskets and pails, like the one that we used here, work ideally.
Have fun playing and, as always, I’d love to see how you use this tutorial!
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