Printable Manicure Practice Pads (Opposite Hand Practice)

18 January 2015
Printables for your opposite hand.
That’s right. Other than giving yourself a manicure, have you tried to draw with your opposite hand? Print out as many sheets as you’d like to help the kids practice painting with their opposite hand.
Use these for manicure skills  or use these to try drawing with the opposite hand. 
They’re so much fun, you’re going to have to try, too! Click below for a never-ending stream of practice sheets. 

If posts were dedicated to anyone, this one would be for my friend Monique and her daughter Clara. Monique’s a mom of action and always thinking. One day she cleverly asked: “why don’t you make a printable for our daughters to practice painting their opposite hands?” Isn’t that the best idea?
I hope you love these, too. We’ve discovered that these are both a great place to practice and a great place to experiment.
Kids challenge yourselves:
– to paint using your opposite hand
– to paint within the lines
– to paint in the direction of the growth of the nail
– to try to use just a few long strokes, rather than many short, dippy, ones.
– to try to keep the surface neat
– to try new patterns
– to try to colours or combinations or more!
I decided to share these one day early with you with hopes that you might have a moment for creativity this weekend, too! Did you catch the willowday round up, celebrating 2014, earlier this week? (here) Happy Painting. Happy Creating.  As always, I’m so happy to meet you here and would love to see what you do.
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