DIY Dry Erase Valentine Doodle Board with Printable

6 February 2015


DIY Valentine Doodle Boards

Happy Doodle Day, Dears!

I can’t tell you how much fun this very, simple, little, project has brought us and I’m thrilled to share it with you for you to make one, too. I think it’s essential this season.

We’ve placed our DIY Valentine Doodle Board by our front door and no one can resist its’ allure.  In the short moments before school, it was inhabited by a jungle of heart-shaped animals and I was left with a message that reminded me that there were only “8 days until Valentine’s Day.” (aka: “Candy, please, Mommy.”) Doodles wipe away in a blink, to get started creating again and again.
Let’s get you doodling, too! Come with us. I’ll show you how!
How to make a Valentine’s Doodle Board.
Gather Supplies:
– * A clip board is perfect for this project but, if you don’t have a clip board, substitute:
One Large Office Supply Clip with a letter-sized piece of partial board or heavy, heavy cardboard. 
– Click (here) to download our water-colour heart-template and print template | here | or paint your own. We’ve painted many heart-variations: large, small, pink, blue. You get the idea – create your own heart paintings. Let them dry and then, continue to the next step or just print ours  (here.)
Once the above supplies have been gathered, if you’d like to embellish the board with anattached white board marker, gather:
– 1 White Board Marker
– Duct Tape
– Scissors
– Yarn or ribbon (If you see the sample above, we even used one of our heart-shaped pompoms | here | on ours but, even house-hold string will do.)
To assemble:
– Place 1 sheet of the Office Supply Transparency Film on top of the the Doodle Heart Printable Template (click here).
– Clip this to the board.
– Start Doodling!
If you would like to attach the pen:
– Cut one length of Duct tape of the same size as the White Board Pen
– Place the Pen at the end of the piece of yarn and wrap the pen.
– Attach the pen to the Doodle Board and clip the yarn.