Family Meals: Roasted Beet Chips

11 February 2015

Make rosy, heart-shaped, chips this week for your Valentines.

It’s Valentine’s week and I want to do something special everyday while not turning the house into Candy Land.  I knew that the kids would be thrilled if I surprised them with chips and thought of turning a (healthy) family favorite into a Valentine’s weekday treat. Last night, we had Heart-shaped Roasted Beet Chips.  I can’t wait for you to add these, too.
You can make these chips heart-shaped, classically shaped; make them for the kids or make them side-by-side.

Jump below to learn how to make these, too. 
Add these to your countdown…

Roasted Beet Chips:

2 Medium beets
1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
Seasonings: salt, pepper, spices*

– Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
– Place racks in upper and lower thirds.
– Peel beets.
– I would recommend using gloves or your fingers will glow all day. Beets stain terribly.
– Slice beets as thin as possible.
– Cut slices about 1/16 inch thick.
– Note: We use our everyday cheese slicer or plane which is shown in the photo below.  These are the standard “cheese slicer” in Sweden and you can purchase these anywhere and everywhere here; but, if you have a Japanese Mandolin (like this) this is the best and will make you a super, duper, chef. 
– Optional: Once you’ve sliced the beets, use a sharp paring knife and shape the slices into heart shapes.

Hint: I didn’t turn all of the chips into hearts, but make just a few heart-shaped slices.  I made enough so that when heart-shaped chips showed up in a bowl, they stood out and make it feel like more.

– Using a plastic bag, place the oil, salt, pepper and herbs or spices inside.
– Place the beets in the bag.
– Toss + shake the beets to coat.
– Remove beets from the plastic and place slices carefully on the baking sheet.  Slices should not touch.
– Bake, approximately 7-10 minutes on each side. Watch so that they don’t become too brown.
– Remove from oven and with a spatula, flip.
– Repeat the baking (with opposite side up) until the chips are ready; approximately 7-10 minutes.
– Transfer to a wire rack; chips will crisp up as they cool.
Family Note:
While the kids are well exposed to everything under the sun, regular beets are not a household favorite but, these chips are popular with everyone. (Even with the one who wakes up asking for candy.) What I’ve learned is that it’s all about presentation and flavor. Our most finicking household member like hot and spicy, so I add chili pepper and make these hot and spicy for him, etc. From experience, these chips are incredible if you really keep an eye on them: don’t forget them: charred root veggies? Blah! Uncooked and they taste like… beets. In our house, that’s also: blah. Perfectly, just brown and I can’t keep up. I’d love to know what you do to make these family favorites, too. The very first time I tried making kale chips, I added too much oil and the family took an entire year to recover from that catastrophy. Due to that experience, I learned to toss these in a plastic baggie and can even get away with using just a 1/2 T of olive oil but, 1 T is what the original calls for and I think it’s a good measure. If you use less, you really have to stay on your toes during the flipping process.

Happy Making!

*Maybe because this spice is exotic to us (we have to remember to buy one and pack it in our suitcase) a household favorite is Old Bay.
Just for you: Did you know these facts about beets:
1. Lower Your Blood Pressure
2. Boost Your Stamina
3. Fight Inflammation
4. Anti-Cancer Properties
5. Rich in Valuable Nutrients and Fiber
6. Detoxification Support
I hope your week is wonderful! Willowday wishes!