19 April 2015

Hello friends. It’s a very cherry day here and we wish you the same!  This weekend’s cherries had me thinking of you and the fact that we’ve accumulated a few cherry-based projects that we’d love to share with you.

Jump with us below for 5 merry-cherry posts and projects.

The cherry blossoms in Stockholm have taken me by surprise this year. Yesterday, we passed through Kungsträgården where they are in full bloom and we joined floods of people enjoying the same. Is there not something just magical about these petals?

A few years ago my husband and sons surprised me on Mother’s Day with a bike ride and picnic into our nearest Cherry Blossom Grove; (here) where it was like an afternoon of Cherry Blossom showers. That afternoon will stay with me always but, it seems that cherries, in many forms, put a smile in my day. We hope you find just the right cherry for you below.

Join us:



These Macaron knocked my socks off in every way.  A few years ago, our 2 youngest started making Macaron together. (True!) In fact, one chose to buy a Macaron Cookbook, while we were in France, with Christmas money from Grandmere.  This was a dream choice for me, but, I was expecting to bake side-by-side. Instead, these two put their heads together, drew up a grocery lists and started baking macaron on their own. “We want to make these ourselves, Mommy.”  I love the creativity behind baking and the  determination it takes to follow the recipe, assemble and wait until the end to enjoy!

Even though Macarons are popular worldwide now, for me, I think of France, the kids visits with Grandparents there and something I once read about the philosophy behind French parenting that rang very true to our everyday.

I’m reminded of an interesting conversation on parenting I had with a French mother who explained the important of why she let her children bake a very simple cake.  She was teaching them essentials — and essential beyond the kitchen. In addition to learning how to follow instructions, chemistry and procedures, she noted the strength in learning “patience and timing” with food was also an important element of this learning. She went on to say that it was a very good exercise for the children to learn that once the cake was baked, they would also have to wait until “afternoon snack time” (goûter.) AT that time, they should enjoy the pleasures of their creation and food fully and then, have an clear finish to this.  I thought it was such a simple way to think of the “How do French Kids Eat-conversations” flying around and concept that has a lot of merit. Do you associate baking and the pleasure of enjoyment as a learning tool for patience?  before?

Click here for the recipe: | CHERRY MACARON RECIPE |

312. Cherry Garland. Bring Cherries into your house any day of the week! Make this super simple, balloon, cherry garland! | Click here for Cherry Balloon Garland tutorial  |

303. DIY FLOWER TEA BAGS Make Cherry Blossoms with Tea Bags! This is one of my all time favorites gifts to make with the kids. | Click here for Flower Tea Bag Tutorial |


Raw Food: Cherry Truffles: Here’s a healthy Cherry Chocolate Raw Ball. Fun to get the kids rolling and a hit, when looking for a healthy snack! | Click here for Raw Food: Cherry Truffles recipe |:



Cherry Blossoms in Stockholm

My family and I wish you a very, cherry, day! As always, I love to see what you do with our tutorials.    I’m looking forward to sharing a lot of fun projects that we’re making behind the scenes, in the next few weeks; until then, I hope you can find projects in our archives and I look forward to meeting you again in the next days!

Through heavy and light work loads, I’ve been able to steadily share small glimpses of days and projects that I hope will bring you a little inspiration on Instagram. If you’re there, I’d love to meet you, too.

Willowday wishes to you all.

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