Make the Easiest Fern Garland — ever

16 July 2015

Scenes from a Summer

Frolicking among the ferns is an idea that made me think of you. This simple idea, from the last dinner party we enjoyed at home before taking off for summer travels, felt like the perfect way to say hello. Come with us below to learn how to make the Easiest Fern Garlands, ever!


I’m wondering if you’re like me: kids on summer vacation and summer travels are causing the days to all mix together and I realized that it had been longer than I had planned since we last met!  However, even now, on vacation, these fern garlands are easy additions.  I’m sharing this version from our dinner but, they’re also a fun addition to place, instead, on the table as a rustic table runner!
How to make Fern Garland:
materials: ferns, baking twine (or similar) washi tape, scissors.
1. Gather ferns.
note: Keep ferns flat. We make our garland by picking the ferns and then, immediately making the garland. If you would like to wait slightly, slip the ferns into a vase with a little water to keep fresh until you’re ready to make or press them until ready but, note, this garland is for a fresh fern garland and is best if made and used the day of.
2. Cut appropriate length of twine.
3. In an even pattern, tie the ends of your ferns to the twine.
4. Attach to wall with washi tape.
Adding a modern, fresh, twist of nature doesn’t get much easier than this and I always feel that garlands deepen any mood!
If you’re visited willowday before, then you won’t be surprised that we love to bring nature inside, like here: 25 Leaf + Foliage ProjectsThese, more labor intensive, leaf garlands(here), ended up both as garlands, limbo “poles” and jump ropes for one Nature Birthday Party. These were so much fun!
And, if you wondered, “what did you serve at your last Swedish dinner of the season?”Classic Swedish Meatballs, fresh baby potatoes with sauteed savoy cabbage with homemade Lingonberry Soda for the kids! Have you tried making your our “natural” soda? You can use this recipe as a guideline and substitute berries for the rhubarb. I love making this from Spring through Summer with the kids. I love picking the fruits and other seasonal berries to make a healthier drink for the kids or including them in the full process. For our tutorial,Natural Fruit Soda, click here.
Wishes for creativity, connection and eyes that see the world with glittering eyes. If you use this tutorial, I would love to see what you do. Share it with me on Instagram oFacebook.
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