Cactus Banana Pops

28 August 2015


Happy Friday!  I shared in a post earlier this summer that we’re having a very flower filled summer and “a cactus” feels like a fun way to round it out. I think eating should be fun, don’t you, too? When sharing today’s treat, I feel like it should be tagged, “Are you ready to play?”

Join us to create together or set the kids loose for making on their own and make CACTUS BANANA POPS. Since it’s Friday, I thought it was a perfect way to get this weekend going!

3 cheers for Edible Art (that’s on the heathy side, too!) and creating together.

Ready to create with us?
Let’s go:
Bananas (this should be just ripe and not over ripe)
High quality white chocolate
Food colouring
Popsicle Sticks
Kitchen Knife
Toppings: Coconut and Pink Sprinkle Flowers  (Optional)
1. Start by peeling the banana and placing it on the popsicle stick. You can choose to simply place the banana on the stick or to give the banana arms.
Plain Cactus Banana Pop without Arms
– If you are using a plain banana at this point, the only thing you will do is: place the banana, securely, onto the stick
If you would like a Cactus Banana Pop with Arms*: 
– To give the banana arms, trim of off the tops and bottoms on your banana.
– Cut the bases at a 45 degree angle and then, press these arms only the larger banana.
– Place this on a tray and freeze.
* If adding the arms, it is very important to use a banana that isn’t overly ripe. If that banana is too soft then it is difficult to easily attach. If using a perfect banana, this step works by simply pressing these arms onto the larger center and freezing but, does require more time and thought than the simple variation.
– Melt the white chocolate and tint a desired green.
– Do not over heat or the chocolate will become lumpy.
Note: Use high quality chocolate and by doing so, you will have the best consistency, sheen and taste.  When we’ve tried this with lesser quality white chocolates the heating point feels quite low and the white chocolate became lumpy and created a much thicker shell.
It is now time for dipping:
If you’re making the Plain Cactus Banana Pop without Arms simply dip the banana on the stick and place on a piece of baking paper and proceed to the next step.   If you are making the Cactus Banana Pop with Arms, make sure to note that the pop should be frozen before dipping.
– Carefully dip the Banana Pop into the tinted white chocolate.
– Place on baking or parchment paper and proceed to the next step.
– If desired, sprinkle with coconut and candy flowers.
Have another idea? Chopped nuts could work or if you have access to edible pens, draw on faces. Whatever you do, I hope that you have fun and I’d love to see.
– Freeze.
Once the Cactus Banana Pops have been frozen, pull them out of the freezer and it’s time to enjoy!
Sharing time to be creative can be fun, reflective or a time to connect. Whether you’d like to add these to a party or if you’re looking for fun or a rainy day treat, I hope that these make the day just a little more special!
Not pictured, but, I’m wondering: have you tried this technique yet? (here) WE LOVE THESE!

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